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Beyond the Raw Bar

The concept seemed simple enough. Rolling out a raw bar at an event—school occasions, local festivals, and family parties, for instance—with fresh clams and oysters was kind of a no-brainer. People knew me as “Jimmy Clams,” a local fisherman who had access to nature’s bounty under the sea and could shuck as fast as I […]

On the Water

Every catered event starts here Make no mistake, fishing and clamming for a living is greuling. There are days when I honestly feel my body is going to give out and finally call it quits. These days wind howls and punishes us more than it ever used to. And this winter we alternated between breaking […]

The Art of the Meal

The bay has been fruitful of late. I’m grateful for that. When the winds calm down and the weather warms a bit, I’ll be back on the sun-drenched Sound turning recipes around in my head as you plan your event.

Freedom, Food and Family

It was a brutal winter for all of us, the Baymen in particular, so this respite means even more. But there’s something else. Something even more personal that makes these summer holidays so meaningful.

Life Cycle of the Bay

Life, like the environment, is a balance. And you get out of it what you put in. Put in garbage and that’s what you’re going to pick out of it. Put in a little love, care and attention and, well, you get the drift.

Downeaster Schultzy

After digging near the shore for a while I cruised through the harbor further out toward the Long Island Sound, I slowly hugged the shore taking in the beautiful coastline of the Island. Just as I was about to crank it up I noticed a guy at the end of a dock that led to one of those incredible Gold Coast homes that you see in magazines.