Off Premise Clam Bake

James Schultz was born and raised in Glen Cove, Long Island and moved to Bayville, LI to pursue a shellfishing career in Oyster Bay. Those familiar with the North Shore of Long Island will know this wasn’t a big geographic move (Bayville is a neighboring town.) But anyone who has seen the baymen toiling away in the elements will know just how big of a life decision this was.

Jim began his career on the water in 1988 fishing for lobsters and hand-raking clams and oysters. In the 1990’s the lobster disappeared from the Long Island Sound, leaving Jim and his fellow baymen to earn a living fishing for clams and oysters. Fortunately, as the name entails, Oyster Bay has been an incredible source of sustenance and provides a living for several year-round shellfishermen.

Today, Jim lives in Bayville with his wife Vicky and their two children, Riley and Cooper. He is a member and past-president of the Baymen’s Association, which seeks to preserve the integrity of the bay and works alongside a number of civic and environmental agencies to provide overall stewardship for the local fishing areas that are so vital to the Long Island community. In additional to shellfishing, he is a licensed off-premise caterer who specializes in raw bars and clambakes for gatherings of all sizes. Even though summer is peak season for catering, Jim works throughout the year doing private parties for clients who know that Jim provides the sweetest and freshest seafood possible.