Enjoy “Summer in a Bucket” all year-round. One Schultzy’s Clam Bake Bucket makes for the perfect home seafood dining experience. Order more than one of Schultzy’s Clam Bake Buckets and you’ll have to call for reinforcements. This is the ultimate treat for seafood lovers. Schultzy’s Clam Bake Buckets also make the perfect corporate gift. It’s the best of what Long Island has to offer conveniently packaged in a beautiful, reusable seafood bucket. There are even a few of off-Island choices for the more adventurous sea-foodies like the Aleutian Island Basket or the NOLA Bucket. The classic New Englander and the 4Th of July special are sure to please everyone.


1. Carefully open your Clam Bake Bucket on an even surface to avoid spilling contents
2. Pour two cups of water over the contents and into the bucket. (You may choose to substitute two cups of beer or white wine to mix things up a bit.)
3. Place the Clam Bake Bucket on a stovetop burner set to “high.”
4. Once the Bucket is steaming allow fifteen additional minutes to thoroughly steam the contents.
5. After fifteen minutes, shut off the stove and allow the bucket to sit for three to five minutes. Then carefully remove the Clam Bake Bucket from the stovetop. THE BUCKET WILL STILL BE EXTREMELY HOT! Always use oven mitts when handling the bucket.
6. Place the bucket on a potholder that can carry the weight of the bucket comfortably and handle the heat.
7. Using a slotted spoon or metal tongs, remove the contents from the bucket, serve and (most importantly) enjoy!