Schultzy’s FAQ

How do I prepare my Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket?

The cooking and steaming process is pretty much the same for each bucket. Because the contents of your Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket are fresh and packed nice and cold, it’s best to start as soon as possible to maintain freshness. Then just follow these instructions:

  1. Carefully open your Clam Bake Bucket on an even surface to avoid spilling contents
  2. Pour two cups of water over the contents and into the bucket. (You may choose to substitute two cups of beer or white wine to mix things up a bit.) Place the lid firmly back on the bucket.
  3. Place the Clam Bake Bucket on a stovetop burner set to “high.”
  4. Once the Bucket is steaming allow fifteen additional minutes to thoroughly steam the contents.
  5. After fifteen minutes, shut off the stove and allow the bucket to sit for three to five minutes. Then carefully remove the Clam Bake Bucket from the stovetop. THE BUCKET WILL STILL BE EXTREMELY HOT! Always use oven mitts when handling the bucket.
  6. Place the bucket on a potholder that can carry the weight of the bucket comfortably and handle the heat.
  7. Using a slotted spoon or metal tongs, remove the contents from the bucket, serve and (most importantly) enjoy!

Can I reuse my Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket? If so, how many times?

Not only are the contents of your Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket nothing short of phenomenal, but the bucket itself is pretty cool. Our tin-plated steel buckets are perfect for steaming your Schultzy’s Clambake. Customers have asked us about multiple use. These are durable buckets but we wouldn’t recommend cooking in them after the initial use. If your bucket sustains damage between uses that is invisible to the naked eye it could leak steam or potentially water after too many uses. Our advice is to thoroughly clean your Schultzy’s bucket after you use it then retire it to the garage or let the kids use it for fun projects. It makes a good planter, storage container for art supplies or decorative hat. Okay, maybe not a hat. But we’re sure you’ll find a use for it.

Can I get delivery during the week?

Unfortunately, Schultzy’s Clambake Buckets are only available for delivery on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the summer season, from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Plans to expand our operation are in the works but for now, weekdays are for fishing and weekends are for clambakes. There is a way to enjoy Schultzy’s fresh seafood during the week, however, if you’re having a party. Our catering services are fully operational during the week and we would be happy to speak with you about your needs. We are also looking to expand into retail locations so stay tuned!

When will you deliver outside of Northern Nassau County?

Schultzy’s Fresh Seafood Caterers has been serving families on the North Shore of Nassau County for years and we have catered parties all throughout the Tri-State area. Because our new Clambake in a Bucket program has been so well received, we are planning to distribute outside of our home territory. Any new towns will be updated on our website and announced on our Facebook page. We invite you to join our Facebook to continue receiving updates about our expansion.

Where does the seafood come from in my Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket?

If it’s available in the waters off Long Island then that’s where it comes from. That goes for Lobster caught fresh every day and brought into Huntington Harbor to clams, oysters and mussels caught in Oyster Bay by Jimmy himself. The fresh meat and vegetables that accompany some of our buckets come from only the best and most reputable suppliers on Long Island.

What if I’m not home when the Bucket is delivered?

Every Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket order comes with a requested delivery window. We do our absolute best to reach your home within your requested window. If you are not home when your product arrives, the sealed bucket is left on your doorstep with a note letting you know that the driver attempted to deliver the product. The driver will then contact our home office to reach out to your supplied contact information and let you know your product has arrived. Unforeseen road closures or dangerous weather conditions could impede our ability to deliver within the specified window.

How long should I wait to enjoy the contents of the Schultzy’s Clambake Bucket?

Because you are receiving a live and perishable product, we recommend enjoying it within a few hours of receiving it if not right away! Your bucket should stay completely fresh for at least 24 hours and as many as 48 hours or more if properly refrigerated. Please note, however, that your product has been freshly caught and packed cold immediately to preserve the incredible freshness and taste people have come to expect from a Schultzy’s meal. So… haste makes waste. Get cooking!

Where do you provide catering services?

During the summer months the Schultzy’s team is all across Long Island and hosts several affairs all throughout the Tri-State area. Because we have a loyal customer base and following on Long Island, many of the summer weekends are booked well in advance. We cater parties that range between twenty and three hundred people. If you’re interested in having Schultzy’s cater an affair for you, please fill out our contact form and someone from our team will get back to you immediately.

Are there food allergies or sensitivities that I should think about?

Every Schultzy’s Clambake To-G0 Buckets contain shellfish. Therefore, you should not serve ANY of the contents of the Clambake buckets – e.g. corn, potatoes, celery – to anyone allergic to shellfish! Always be sure to ask your guests in advance whether or not they are allergic to shellfish.