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With every great meal comes incredible stories. There’s just something intimate and sublimely human about sharing a communal feast and collectively opening our hearts. It’s as if the sacred nourishment of all that shellfish, all that meat, all those sumptuous vegetables somehow speak themselves. It’s almost like our minds somehow translate all that good energy immediately into syllables, smiles, hearty and jovial laughs. This blog is a place for those random, priceless conversations—about food, about the ocean, about life. We cherish the honor and privilege—and pure joy, really—of sharing our special feasts with your family and friends. Now, you’ve joined our family. Welcome home.

Assortment of raw shellfish on bed of ice

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Are Shellfish Good For You?: The Nutritional Value of Clams

The clams and oysters Schultzy's off-premise catering harvests from Long Island waters are loaded with protein and nutritious Omega-3s—perect for your BBQ!